Wear & Care Tips

Esoeye Wear & Care Tips
  • Tips for wearing contact lenses

1. After cleaning your hands, keep your fingers dry with glasses. After cleaning your hands, do not dry them with a towel, just let them dry naturally.
2. Identify the front and back of the glasses.
3. If the lens is a little bit dry and harder, the lens will appear prototype, with more curvature, and it will be easier to wear.
4. Put some eye drops in the eyes before wearing them to keep the eyes moist.
5. Look at ​the mirror, and gently put the lens close to the eye.


  • Daily maintenance of contact lenses

Contact lens lenses should be cleaned frequently because as the wearing time increases, the secretion in the eyes increases, and the phenomenon of blurred vision will appear. At this time, you need to take off the glasses, clean them, and then wear them. It is not a problem with glasses, but a physiological reaction caused by people's eyes being unaccustomed to having something in them. If the lens is not cleaned for a long time, it will leave protein deposits on the lens. If it remains in the lens, it will affect the clarity of vision. So pay attention to changing the water and washing every day, and pay attention to cleaning the lenses.

You must not place contact lenses directly in the air, because they will dry out quickly and you can no longer use them. Contact lenses are equipped with a special care solution. After each use, you must remember to put them in the care solution. The care solution should be replaced every day.