What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?

The optimum colored contact lenses color for you is determined by various factors, including your hair color and complexion. The best model and color to choose really relies on the style and effect you want to achieve; it can be something more big and dramatic, such as for events, clothing, or simply for fun, or something more natural and subtle for everyday use.


What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?

 According to complexion:

Your skin tone can be "warm," "neutral," or "cold."
A warm skin tone indicates that you have peach, golden, or yellow undertones. Cool skin, on the other hand, has undertones that are bluish, pinkish, or reddish. Although it is uncommon, some people have a neutral skin tone, which is a combination of cold and warm tones.

You may check your veins to determine your skin tone!
You most likely have a warm undertone if you have greenish veins. If your veins are bluish, it indicates that you have a cool skin tone. However, if your veins appear colorless or match your skin tone, you have a neutral skin tone.

What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?

Select colored contacts that complement your skin tone.

  • Skin Tone: Cool

Do you have a cool-toned complexion? Then grey, purple, or blue contacts will look well on you since they will accentuate your undertones.

  • Skin Tone: Neutral

The complexion of neutral-toned skin spans from brown to light olive. You can wear whatever color you want if you have this skin tone!

  • Skin Tone: Warm

If you have a warm skin tone, the best colored contacts for your eyes should have honey, hazel, or blue highlights. These colors will make a striking contrast with your skin tone.

We recommend that you select colors that compliment your individual skin tone.


According to your eyes:

  • if you have bright eyes

If you have light eyes and want to change up your style for something more subtle, your best bet is to enhance the shadows, define the edges of your iris, and deepen your natural color. For example, our Russia Collection or our DNA Collection is very popular with our clients with light eyes who want to have a darker eye color.


What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?



What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?


Furthermore, you can experiment with other eye colors while remaining natural eye color. For example, if your eyes are naturally blue, choose green or gray lenses, such as our Wildcat Green and Ocean Grey versions.
Opt for contact lenses in warmer tones like tan for an eye-catching new look that draws the eye almost instantly.

  • if you have dark eyes

More apparent colored contact lenses are your best bet for dark eyes. Try hazelnut or light honey brown lenses, such as the Himalaya or Ocean Brown available in our online store, for a natural variation.
Choose tinted lenses in bolder hues such as green, blue, and purple if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you have a darker complexion, bright colored contacts will look wonderful on you.


What are the BEST Colored Contacts for Your Complexion?


Don't be afraid to follow your instincts, because the lens that best matches you will be the one in which you have the greatest faith!


📝Here are some Mascara Tips for Contacts Users and Other Makeup Advice: 

Have you seen the photos of crying girls with mascara smeared across their cheeks? Imagine if that occurred to you regularly and you weren't even sad!

Mascara Tips for Contacts Users and Other Makeup Advice

For contact lens users, this is sometimes the unfortunate state of wearing mascara. But do not be alarmed, my teary-eyed sisters and brothers!

We'll show you how to keep your mascara and eye makeup looking great without affecting your contacts. Here are some of our finest colored contact lenses and cosmetic tips.

1. Less Is More When It Comes to Eye Makeup and Contacts

  • If you're wearing contacts, keep your eye makeup to a bare minimum. This isn't to say that you can't have sultry cat eyes or smokey eyes.
  • Excessive under-eye makeup should be avoided. Even better, don't use any of them at all! Throughout the day, bottom lash mascara will smear and the liner will smudge. Pay attention to your upper eyelids.
  • If you wear daily contacts, you should put them in as soon as possible after waking up. The same is true when it comes to replacing lenses that have been worn for a long time. This allows your eyes to rest after the initial lens implantation before coming to them with a mascara wand.
  • Precision is the key to wearing makeup with contacts. Precision isn't going to come from your finger or a cotton swab. Makeup should be applied with brushes. These are specifically designed for eye makeup and will greatly simplify your life. These brushes are made to work with the various parts of your eyes. You'll get a more even application with less fallout and a lower danger of your lenses becoming irritated.
Mascara Tips for Contacts Users and Other Makeup Advice
  • With contacts, the best bet is to use a good waterproof mascara. When your eyes tear up because of lenses, this mascara will keep the color on your lashes and out of your eyes. When applying mascara, use gentle, uniform strokes. Layering is an option. Apply one layer, wait for it to dry, and then apply another. This means you're less likely to get mascara in your eye or bother your contact lenses.
  • Leave the lower lashes out. When you wear contacts, your eyes are more likely to tear up. By avoiding bottom mascara, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later in the day.

2. Moisturize Your Makeup Without Ruining It

The finest eye makeup for contact lens users, at the end of the day, is the one that remains set despite the use of eye drops. Contacts users' eyes are typically dry, necessitating the usage of eye drops to keep them hydrated. So, how can you do it while keeping your peepers in good shape?

Application of Eye Drops Correctly

  • The easiest way to ensure that most of the drops stay in your eyes is to apply them while lying down face up. If it isn't possible, lean back and keep your head as level as possible.
  • Place the eyedropper bottle approximately an inch above your eye.
  • Pinch one drop now. You heard correctly. Only one drop into your eye. Don't even blink! Your first reaction will be to blink quickly and shift your eye around to absorb the drop.
  • Apply the drop and then close your eyes slowly, once. Keep it closed and gently press on the inner corner tear duct with your finger.
  • Maintain your position for at least 1-2 minutes. When you open your eye, it should be adequately moisturized, and the excess should not tear or leak onto your makeup.

This will avoid the most common issue with contact lens eye makeup: watery eyes.


Mascara Tips for Contacts Users and Other Makeup Advice

Your best bet is to use extended-wear contacts.

  • If you wear makeup daily, contact lenses that can be worn for extended periods will be your greatest friend. If you're concerned about monthly wear, try weekly wear lenses.
  • Contacts that must be changed daily offer the risk of smudging and ripping your makeup every morning.

Putting on longer-lasting contacts allows you to forget about them for a bit and do your makeup without stress.

Goodbye glasses, hello contacts, and stunning eye makeup.

Contact lens users must be extra conscious of their makeup during the day. In case of an emergency, keep some touch-up makeup and makeup remover wipes on hand.


We hope our advice on how to wear mascara with contact lenses was useful. Remember to utilize a waterproof base to keep your appearance on point:

  • Make use of a waterproof foundation.
  • Apply the product in layers and use as little as possible.

Ready to go all-in and eliminate the glasses that obstruct your lovely upper eye blending? Be brave and inquisitive! Get yourself a set of contact lenses to brighten up your face and eyes. You'll also no longer feel confined by your spectacles. How about rewarding yourself?


Mascara Tips for Contacts Users and Other Makeup Advice


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