Torn Contact Lenses? How to Say Goodbye to Rips!

Contact lenses are not inexpensive! That is why, when you shred one, you may feel yourself screaming in rage. You can experience one of the phases of sorrow called bargaining. You may wonder if you can still utilize the shattered lens. However, this is not a sensible decision.

Don't put in a ripped contact and risk damaging your eye. Instead, you only need to learn the appropriate care procedures. Simple things like keeping your nails clipped and keeping your lens case full of solutions come to mind.

Here are some tips for avoiding ripped contact lenses. We'll also explain what happens to your eyes if you reuse them.

1. Keep Your Fingernails Neat and Trimmed

One of the most common reasons people damage contacts is that they rip one with their fingernail. This is why you should keep your nails clipped on a regular basis.

You should be aware that long or jagged fingernails can easily damage the delicate material of your contacts. To avoid ripping your nails, keep them tidy and manicured.

Keep your fingernails trimmed (particularly if you're just starting out with contacts), and never use your fingernails to remove a contact lens from your eye. Instead, use the pads of your thumb and index finger to remove your contacts rather than your fingernails.

Torn Contact Lenses How to Say Goodbye to Rips!

2. Keep Them Unfolded In Your Contact Solution

When you remove your contact lenses, they may accidentally fold over. If this occurs, place the lens back in the contact solution before unfolding it.

Do not try to unfold a folded lens by pulling the edges apart. If you do this, you will almost certainly rip them.

Place a little amount of solution in the palm of your hand. Then, drop the contact into the puddle. This will make it easier to unstick, and you'll be less likely to rip it in the process. 

3. Keep the Lenses Moist

Your lenses are more likely to tear and crack if they dry out. Keep them in the contact solution at all times. Never store your contact lenses in a case that does not have enough solution.

No need to worry if your contacts become dry while you're wearing them. Simply wet your eyes with a few droplets of eye drops before removing them. 

Contact solutions might be costly, but there are no alternatives! If you don't want them to rip, keep them in lens solution rather than water. Water is not only hazardous for your lenses, but it may also be a breeding ground for germs. Never allow your contacts to come into contact with any type of water. This includes your mouth's saliva!

It's also critical to keep your lens case clean on a regular basis as well.

Torn Contact Lenses How to Say Goodbye to Rips!

4. Keep a Backup Pair of Lenses With You

Rips aren't the only issue you'll encounter if you use contacts. You may simply discard them. In rare circumstances, one may fall out of your eye! For these reasons, you should always keep a replacement set of contact lenses on hand.

So, which is better: putting in new contacts or putting broke, unclean ones back in? Don't even consider it! Choose the first option every time!

The good thing is that they are quite portable. Maintain them in your pocket or purse. When you need to replace them, simply excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

This isn't a preventative measure for ripped contact lenses, but it is a rapid fix if you do manage to rip them.

5. Keep Your Lens Case Full of Solution

If you simply partially fill your lens case with solution, it will evaporate and dry up your contacts. If the contacts do not entirely dry off, they may adhere to the case wall. This can be a pain to get off if you can get it off at all.

We recognize that contact solutions might be expensive. However, it is preferable to put too much in the case then too little. Consider how much contacts cost in comparison to a bottle of lens solution. You may probably get away with filling your case more than halfway. 

Torn Contact Lenses How to Say Goodbye to Rips!
  • What Happens When You Insert a Torn Contact Lens?

If you remember just one thing from this essay, make it this: never, ever, ever put ripped contact lenses in! It is NEVER safe to wear a torn contact lens, even if it feels great in your eye. You must remove the contact and dispose of it as soon as possible!

Torn contacts will not perform as well as unbroken contacts. This is due to ripping, which inhibits the lens from retaining the precise curve required to match your eye. As a result, it will not have a good fit.

Ripped lenses will also be less likely to remain centered on your eye. You will have blurred vision if they migrate away from the center of the eye or move about too much.

Most significantly, a ripped contact lens is hazardous. It will have a jagged edge that might scrape the cornea, or front surface, of your eye. Furthermore, it may become caught under your eyelid. This will most likely irritate you and be very difficult to deal with. Take it out and throw it away.

Scratches on soft contact lenses are uncommon, but you should not use a scratched contact lens.

  • What to Do With a Torn Lens?

Unless it was an unintentional tear, a ripped contact typically indicates that it has expired. To be sure, always check the date on the contact lens package.

Even soaking a broken contact lens in solution will not prevent it from scratching your eye, therefore it cannot be saved. Don't continue to wear them. They may appear and feel great, but they are not.

In light of this, if your contact is ripped, dispose of it properly. Being thrifty might have serious consequences in the future, both financially and physically!

Wearing torn contact lenses is clearly a poor idea. So, what should you do now? If your contact rips, discard them and replace them with a new one. Before inserting a contact lens into your eye, place it on the tip of your finger and check it for any tears, scratches, chips in the edge, cracks, or rips. If you see any of these, simply discard the lens and start over. And did we mention never putting a torn contact lens in your eye?

If your contact lens tears after you've put it in, carefully remove it and discard it as soon as you see it's damaged. Wear your backup glasses until you can obtain new contacts if you don't have an additional lens on hand. 

Torn contact lenses endanger your health. As infuriating as it may be, once your contact is ripped, it's time to put it away. Permanently! There are, however, certain precautions you may take to protect them from ripping.

Give your contacts the necessary care they require. When not wearing them, soak them in a sufficient amount of solution. Additionally, keep your nails filed and clipped. Finally, have backups on hand so you're always prepared if they do rip.

Torn contact lenses cannot be saved. Whether you use contacts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, tearing one can happen no matter how careful you are. However, you may lessen your odds of having to deal with one with these few easy suggestions above.

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