What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses?

Have you ever considered the possibility that your contact lenses might dye your eyes?
Nowadays, more and more people would like to wear colored contact lenses because the lenses make eyes more colorful and beautiful. People can experiment with changing their eye color because they can change their hair color, nail color, and lip color to suit their style and taste. Therefore, when seeing beautiful and inexpensive colored lenses, many people make purchases on an impulse, but few people pay attention to the craftsmanship of colored lenses.
What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses

So do you curious about the lens manufacturing technology that causes no harm to the eyes? Esoeye insists on using cutting-edge "Sandwich Coloring Technology" to safeguard its customers' vision health. The color pigment is placed between two lenses in this technology to avoid direct contact of the pigment or other irritating substances with the eyes. At the same time, the color is preserved without increasing the lens's thickness. More importantly, when wearing contact lenses, it can protect people from certain eye problems such as myopia, corneal abrasion, eye infections, and so on. As a result, Esoeye is an expert in providing fashionable and safe colored contact lenses using this technology.

Color Contact Lens Technology Evolution
After reading this, you will be aware of two major contact lens technologies. The first technology is dry printing. The initial dyeing process for beauty contact lenses is straightforward: a layer of dye is pigmented onto the surface of ordinary contact lens lenses. This type of contact lenses, which is dyed directly on the surface of the lens, is likely to fade during wear, exposing the eyes to the dye. It is extremely harmful to the eyes. This method is simple and inexpensive, but it was phased out in 2010 because it can leave a negative impression, such as being easily faded.

The second dyeing technique today is the "sandwich coloring technology," which is similar to a sandwich, with a layer of color sandwiched between two layers. Instead of the original method, the dye is injected between two layers of high water content material, avoiding direct contact with the eyeball and thus causing eye irritation. Furthermore, the injected color substances are mostly safe for the human body. Even if the lens is broken under unusual circumstances and the dye accidentally contacts the eyeball, the damage will be minimal. This method addresses the fading issue further; it is simple to produce, and it is comfortable when you wear contact lenses. Many contact lenses on the market are made in this manner.

What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses?

Our Brand
The eyes are the windows to the heart and the means by which we communicate with one another. They can tell our stories and convey our emotions. As a result, beautiful eyes are important in eye contact. Esoeye has been committed to providing high-quality and attractive lenses to those interested in colored contact lenses since its inception.

Esoeye lenses use cutting-edge sandwich technology. The pigment layer is embedded in the two layers of lens material in a three-layer structure, which does not fade. It's also better for your eyes and makes identifying the front and back sides easier.

Esoeye is also approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory agency tasked with protecting public health. Please keep in mind that contact lenses, even cosmetic ones, are medical devices that must be approved by the FDA before being sold. Wearing contact lenses without FDA approval may cause eye infections and, in severe cases, blindness. Esoeye prioritizes eye health and makes every effort to raise safety awareness among people who buy colored contact lenses.

What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses

Benefits of the sandwich coloring technique used in colored contact lenses
Flexible and Easy to Wear--Significantly reduces friction between lens and cornea
HD Vision---As if not wearing contact lenses
✔40% High Water Content to Keep Hydrate--Solve the problem of dry eyes
High Protection UV Resistant--Effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays prevent eye injuries, sunshades for the eyes
Light and moisturizing and comfortable from morning to night--Say goodbye to dryness

What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular, and you can see them on social media being worn by cosplayers, makeup artists, and countless other influencers. Colored contact lenses can easily add an extra flair to any costume or makeup look, whether it's a mild enhancement of one's existing eye color or a sense of fantasy conveyed through an entirely unnaturally hue.

What is Sandwich Coloring Technology of Colored Contact Lenses?

The final sentence
In short, always purchase products that look elegant while also keeping you healthy and safe. Colored contact lenses made from various non-laminated technologies are extremely dangerous and can cause significant damage to your eyes.
As a result, for maximum safety, we strongly advise purchasing colored contact lenses with sandwich coloring technology. Check out our website for some great-looking, completely safe contact lenses.

Everybody wishes they could be a better version of themselves. Esoeye provides customers with the beauty of stunning colors, as well as self-confidence and joy. Esoeye is the perfect choice for beauty makeup lovers who want to decorate their eyes with perfect and safe colored contact lenses.
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