Do you really know the knowledge of colored contact lenses?

1. Diameter(DIA)
⚠Lens Diameter Graphic Diameter

Lens diameter is the physical measurement of the diameter of the front-most part of the lens

Small Diameter:13.8mm-14.0mm
Middle Diameter:14.0mm-14.2mm 
Big Diameter:14.2mm-14.5mm

✅Most people are fine with 14.0mm-14.5mm.


Do you really know the knowledge of colored contact lenses

2. Graphic Diameter (G.DIA)
⚠Graphic Diameter ≠ Lens Diameter

Graphic Diameter is the diameter of the graphic part of the lens. (Graphic Diameter is the parameter related to the pupil dilation effect)

Small Diameter <13mm 

Natural iris model, appropriate for beginners

Middle Diameter:13.1mm-13.5mm

 Naturally enlarged eyes, suitable for most people

Big Diameter >13.6mm

The pupil dilation effect is obvious, making it ideal for people with the large white of the eye or large eyes.


Do you really know the knowledge of colored contact lenses


Do you really know the knowledge of colored contact lenses

3. Water Content (WT)

The water content of a contact lens refers to how much of the contact lens is composed of water.

💧High water content: the great softness of the lens, and great breathability; however, it should not be worn for an extended period.
💧Low water content: easy to wear, good molding effect, and does not dry out the eyes.

Although lenses with a high water content are more comfortable on the eye, they absorb more water from the eye.
Dry eyes should avoid lenses with a high water content;

🔺the recommended water content ranges from 38% to 42%.


4. Base Curve (BC)
The radius of the sphere at the back of the lens described by the prescription is the base curve (the lower the number, the steeper the curve of the cornea and the lens, the higher the number, the flatter the curve of the cornea and the lens).

▶Small Base Curve: there will be discomfort from grinding the eyes, which may result in corneal hypoxia.

▶Large Base Curve: resulting in a problem with the slider and not fitting for eyes.

🆗8.6mm-8.7mm is the average base curve.

💬How do I know my base curve?
📣You can go to the hospital ophthalmology or optical shop to measure.


Do you really know the knowledge of colored contact lenses

5. Replacement Cycle
The most effective time to use the throwing period

🔘Daily Disposable: 1 day, best take off within 8 hours (Daily Disposable is mainly ionic and easy to absorb protein precipitation, so it is best not to wear it for more than 12 hours)
🔘Monthly Replacement: wear for 28 days.
🔘Half-yearly Replacement: 5 months is recommended.
🔘Annual Replacement: wear for 10 months. 

✅Choose a clean and hygienic daily disposable and an annual replacement with high-cost performance.


6. Material
Hydrogel(HEMA)💦: High-cost performance common in the market, soft and comfortable lens

Non-ionic(HEMA+NVP)💦: soft and thin, suitable for sensitive eyes, not easily precipitated by protein, but not suitable for long-term wear

Silicone hydrogel💦: good oxygen permeability, suitable for dry eyes! Water content is high! Excellent moisturizing properties! The price is prohibitively expensive! Need to get used to the first wearing, suitable for daily and monthly.


❌ Misunderstanding 1:

High water content doesn't mean it's good for dry eyes.


❌ Misunderstanding 2:

The diameter is lens diameter.

Many beauties buy lenses with the same lens diameter and find that the effect is very different, that is because you ignore the graphic diameter!


❌ Misunderstanding 3:

Ignore the importance of the base curve.

Inappropriate base curves often cause the trouble of slipping or grinding eyes👀!


⚠⚠Things to know before wearing colored contact lenses

Did you finally make the decision to wear colored contact lenses👀? We'll go over things you absolutely must know before wearing colored contact lenses in this article.👇

Do you find yourself wanting to use colored contact lenses more and more? We absolutely understand! Learn about colored contact lenses with and without a prescription for myopia (+), hyperopia (-), or astigmatism.

The lifespan of colored contact lenses varies depending on the brand. As a result, the duration can be set to be daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. For example, at, our online store offers yearly colored contact lenses at competitive costs while maintaining the same quality and comfort as daily lenses.

If you're not sure what you need, 👉👉your ophthalmologist and optician will advise you on the optimal duration for your eyes based on your demands and the effects of your colored contact lens wear.


Things to know before wearing colored contact lenses
  •  Are the effects the same for all eye colors?

The color of your iris determines how colored contact lenses appear on your eyes. Actually, the rendering will differ depending on your base. As a result, we may need to try numerous models before we find the one we like the best and that works best for us to enhance our eyes. Furthermore, colored contact lenses will only faintly modify the color of your eyes while making the iris appear more dramatic. These colored contact lenses will have a shimmering appearance and will intensify the color for an eye-catching impression.

If you want to make a more evident style change, colored contact lenses can help you do so as well. As for fancy or cosplay shots, they're pretty extensive and allow you to create an atypical style that won't let you go unnoticed. Whether it's themed makeup, cosplay, meetings, photoshoots, and more, these contact lenses will bring your creations to life!


Things to know before wearing colored contact lenses
  • Is a prescription required to purchase colored contact lenses online?

No, it does not! Colored contact lenses can be purchased online without a prescription. However, if you use colored lenses and correct them, it is a medical device. You do need your prescription when you choose a correction on the colored contact lenses' website.
So treat yourself to our online store with or without a prescription. The eye color you've always dreamed of is now at your fingertips!

  • Can I rent colored contact lenses?

❌! Absolutely not! Colored contact lenses are considered personal items and may not be borrowed or exchanged with friends or family. In reality, there is a risk of bringing organisms or bacteria while you wear others' colored contact lenses, which might cause eye problems. Please do not try on colored contact lenses or have someone else try them on for you! Furthermore, individuals who intend to wear contact lenses must not have any contraindications to the use of contact lenses as determined by an optician or ophthalmologist.

  • Is it important to maintain colored contact lenses?

🆙Yes, indeed! It is critical to maintain your colored contact lenses. In fact, even before you begin wearing contact lenses or colored contact lenses, you must recognize that adhering to hygiene standards is critical to avoid any eye problems.
Therefore, the basic measurement rules are as follows:
Hands should be washed before handling colored contact lenses; Avoid wearing colored contact lenses for more than eight hours in a row, and allow your eyes to breathe once a week.
Clean your colored contact lenses thoroughly in an appropriate solution (lens solution or saline solution);
Remember to update the solution for your specific scenario between uses.

  • Can I swim with colored contact lenses?

The answer is no! 🚫🏊‍♀Swimming with colored contact lenses is highly not advised. Especially in swimming pools that are full of microorganisms.
Reminder: Do not mix water with contact lenses!
Because water can carry bacteria, you should avoid coming into touch with it while wearing colored lenses. This will ensure pleasant use while also preventing any eye disorders that may occur if the lenses come into contact with water.

  • Can I sleep with colored contact lenses?

Certainly not! Sleeping with colored contact lenses is not advised since it can block the oxygen supply to the eyes, resulting in severe edema in the morning. You may also experience the sensation that the colored lenses are sticking to your eyes.
If this happens to you (and it might happen quickly), don't remove the colored contact lenses immediately! After moisturizing your eyes with eye drops or artificial tears, gently massage the lids with your fingertips.
Obviously, the best thing you can do once this occurs is to avoid wearing colored lenses the next day and the day after that to allow your eyes to recuperate.

Things to know before wearing colored contact lenses

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