Influencer Program - Esoeye

Who We Are

Esoeye produces high-quality colored contacts for a variety of occasions, from party looks to cosplay to everyday fashion! We offer some of the best cosmetic contact lenses (12 months) on the market. We also prioritize customer satisfaction and vision health, with stringent quality control to ensure that your contacts are safe and comfortable. Furthermore, a large selection of colors, patterns, and sizes can be easily narrowed down using our website's handy filtering system, ensuring that you'll always be able to find exactly what you need for any occasion, at any time of year.

If you enjoy experimenting with eye makeup and accessories, you might be a good fit for our influencer program. To partner with us and spread the word about Esoeye's commitment to producing beautiful, versatile colored contact lenses.

Influencer Program - Esoeye


Influencer Collaboration

Are you an influencer, social media star, or blogger who:
Works in the makeup/beauty/fashion niches?
Has a large fan base and active internet following?
Has at least a promotional channel with a good amount of content, post regularly, and receive high engagement from your fans, followers, subscribers, or readers?
Create high-quality content with clear photos and videos regularly?

Influencer Program - Esoeye


How It Works

We will provide you with free colored contact lenses in exchange for you creating authentic, original content about our products that engages your audience and spreads your enthusiasm for high-quality colored contacts, including your honest opinions and any feedback you may have.

Within 7-12 days of receiving our contacts, you should take photos or videos of yourself wearing them and post them to Instagram, YouTube, etc. Please include a link to the product page or the home page when you publish the photos or videos (

Does all of the above describe you? If yes, we want you! We'd like to share our enthusiasm for contact lenses with you and work together to create some magic! We offer impeccable customer service, so your referred fans and followers are in good hands. Contact us now at to join our influencer program and start earning with us. 

★ Receive FREE colored contact lenses regularly.

★ Earn an unlimited amount of commission!

★ Get an early preview of new styles before they go on sale.

Influencer Program - Esoeye

(Once you've published your photos and comments, please send us an email or DM.)


🆔Instagram: @eso.eye

Make your content, tag #esoeye #esoeyeofficial in the image. Put the product name in the description and @eso.eye, tag us #esoeye #esoeyeofficial.


🆔Tiktok: @esoeye_official

Create your content, put the product name in the description and @esoeye_official, tag us #esoeye #esoeyeofficial on Tik Tok!


🆔Pinterest: @esoeye_official

Create your content, and display our brand name in your creative content.

Influencer Program - Esoeye

Contact Us

If you're an influencer interested in collaborating with us, send your resume to or fill out the form below with your info, and we'll review it and respond within 5 business days, and we'll see what we can do if your content aligns with our brand's vision.


We are also looking for some color contact lens fans who are willing to share their experiences to help us promote. If you have purchased our products and would like to help us in promoting them, please fill out the form below and we will contact you once we receive your information.


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