How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day?

Contact lenses can provide patients with good, comfortable eyesight without the use of glasses. And colored contact lenses can decorate eyes for many purposes, such as cosplay parties and graduation. However, you must understand how to correctly use and care for your contacts. Otherwise, incorrect use may cause severe, even permanent eye problems. Contact lenses are medical devices, and they're incredibly sophisticated plastic items that we put in our eyes, and they clearly pose a risk.
So how to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day?

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day

First of all, we need to learn about two significant aspects. 

Why is it harmful to rub your eyes?
Have you ever thought rubbing your eyes can't be that harmful to you? It's just trivial. Right? No, that's wrong! In order to learn about why eye rubbing is bad, let's start with some basic information on the eye's structure.
Collagen is the structural component of the eye, including the cornea and sclera (the outer layer and whites of the eyes). When you squeeze and rub your eye, the collagen expands inward. It stretches back out when you let go.
The cornea, like a paper clip, can be twisted out of shape and weakened, according to ophthalmologists. "When you repeatedly bend the metal back and forth, it fatigues and finally cracks," the ophthalmologist explains. "Although the cornea does not crack, it begins to fatigue and swells, and a variety of undesirable effects might occur."

Eye rubbing can cause a variety of problems in addition to damaging the structure of the eye, including:
Skin condition: Excessive rubbing of the eyes can result in dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.
Safety: If there is something in your eye, rubbing it might do further injury; therefore, it's advised to let tears naturally drain away the irritation.
Hygiene: Hand hygiene is more important than any other body part, thus putting a germy finger in your eye is never a good idea.
HAS YOUR EYESIGHT WORSENED? Eye rubbing might be to blame. Find an eye doctor in your area and schedule a full eye checkup regularly.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day

Why Contact Lens Safety Is Critical?
It's critical to understand how to care for your contact lenses - and your eyes. Improper contact lens use and management might result in eye infections or ulceration. That is why we talk about how to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day in this article.
Keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea, is the most common kind of infection (the outer layer of your eye that covers the colored portion). Keratitis comes in a variety of forms, each caused by a different type of germ - bacteria, amoebas, viruses, or fungus.

Eyes infections may cause many distinct symptoms, including:
Redness and irritation.
Pain, even when you remove off the contact lenses.
Sensitivity to light.
Blurry vision.
Watery eyes or discharge from the eyes.
Allergies, dry eyes, and scratches or scrapes on the cornea caused by contact lenses.

Contact your doctor right away if you notice anything wrong with your eyes. Many eye diseases can be remedied if they are detected and treated promptly. However, if some disorders are not detected early, they can cause serious, even permanent damage, including blindness.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day?

Here are some tips for keeping your contacts and eyes safe.
You may reduce your risk of contact lens issues by using and caring for your contacts properly.

1. Obtain your contacts from a credible source. (No matter contacts or colored contacts)
If you decide to purchase contact lenses, you should do it from a reputable provider. If you require them for your eyesight, acquire the proper prescription.
If you wear contacts for cosmetic reasons (colored contact lenses), you should acquire a prescription for lenses that fit the shape of your eyes. Some people who wear contact lenses for cosmetic reasons obtain them from unregulated sources such as drugstores. This can result in serious eye issues.
If you're going to wear colored contact lenses, be sure they're FDA-approved and that you get them fitted by a specialist. The quality of the lenses varies greatly between regulated and uncontrolled contact lenses. That's why when buying contacts, you need to check the certificates for the website or store.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day?

2. Consult with your doctor about correct usage and care.
Talk to your doctor about the best method to use and care for your contact lenses when you get them. Follow their advice in case generate some problems.
Similarly, if you need to use eye drops or medicine for your eyes, consult your doctor to ensure that it will not affect your contact lenses.

3. Keep your contact lenses clean.
Wash your hands before handling your contacts and use the right contact lens solution to keep them clean. To avoid getting your lenses wet, make sure you properly dry your hands after washing them.

4. Never clean your contact lenses or case with tap water.
Although we use tap water for our daily life and believe it is perfectly clean, this is not always the case. Acanthamoeba, a kind of amoeba, may be found in a variety of water sources.
You may risk an infection called acanthamoeba keratitis if you rinse your contact lenses or case in tap water. The acanthamoeba in tap water infects your cornea and can cause serious eye damage, including potential blindness.
You should only clean your contact lenses with the approved contact lens solution or recommended by your eye doctor. Before you put your contacts into the lens case, dump out the solution and wipe it off. Then let the case air-dry. Do not use tap water to clean your case.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day

5. Don’t shower or go swimming in contact lenses.
Just as rinsing your contact lenses in tap water can cause acanthamoeba keratitis, so can leaving your contact lenses in while showering, swimming, relaxing in a hot tub, or engaging in another activity where your contact lenses may become wet.
In conclusion, water and contact lenses do not mix.

6. Consider contact lens storage.
Keep your contact lens case somewhere where it won't get wet by accident. Avoid placing your lens case near a sink, where water might accidentally splash upon it.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day

7. Avoid sleeping with your contacts in.
Make sure you remove your contacts before going to bed. Except in exceptional cases, contact lenses should not be used while sleeping. Forgetting to remove your contacts before going to bed may result in some eye diseases. Research shows that overnight contact lens usage has been linked to the highest risk of contact lens-associated infections.

8. Replace your contact lenses regularly.
The integrity of the plastic is affected when a contact ages. A lens, like a tire, can degrade with time. Wearing an old lens might lead to complications. Therefore, you should also consider updating your contact lens case on a regular basis.

9. Stop rubbing your eyes.
While using contact lenses, do not rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes while wearing contact lenses may cause corneal damage.
Remove your contacts first if you need to massage your eyes. If itchy eyes are a frequent occurrence, consult your doctor about eye drops. Chronic eye rubbing can cause damage to the eyes and should be avoided.

10. Remove your contact lenses and consult your doctor if you experience redness or discomfort.
If your eye has any issue, no matter how small it is, you should not wear your contact. You should contact your eye doctor right away. Even modest symptoms might indicate that you have an eye condition.

How to keep your eyes healthy while wearing colored contact lenses every day?

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