How to create different makeup looks with colored contact lenses?

As fashionistas, we're always seeking for new ways to show off our style. You may consider altering your outfit or hair color, but what about your eye color? That's true; color contacts are a great way to change up your look for the day.

Color contacts are a quick, easy, and interesting way to change things up. Color contacts are a fantastic option whether you want to make a subtle, dramatic, or in-between alteration. Add a few basic cosmetic hacks to your regular routine to truly bring off your new eye color!

Regardless of the occasion, you may enhance your everyday appearance with different hues of contact lenses. However, keep in mind that not all cosmetic styles work with all colored contact lenses.  So, striking the right balance is the key to looking gorgeous at this special event. Here are the best-colored contact lens and makeup combos to attempt to get your appearance just perfect. These makeup tips will undoubtedly give you the stunning appearance you deserve:

Examine a Color Wheel

Before applying makeup, glance at a color wheel like the one above. This will assist you in determining the complementary colors to pair with your colored contacts. You may wear blue makeup with blue contact lenses, but if you want your eyes to stand out, choose a complementing hue.

Color Wheel

You should also think about cold and warm colors. Warm cosmetic tones should be used with cool-colored contact lenses, and vice versa.

Following are some makeup suggestions based on the color contacts you select.

Makeup Tips for Blue Color Contacts

Consider the blue's complementary color. On the color wheel, it is the color opposite of blue. Orange is the hue, yet few people choose to wear orange makeup! Consider colors that are similar to orange. These are some examples:

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Terracotta browns with a dash of orange

Black eyeliner will be too dramatic for these hues. Instead, go with brown or bronze. These hues define the eyes while also blending in with the makeup.

If you decide to use blue contact lenses, smoky eyes are the greatest makeup choice to enhance your blue eyes. To achieve a beautiful smoky eye look for your blue eyes, simply combine tones of silver and black with deep plum or navy. Both of these will add some color and brightness to your overall appearance. Always begin the look by applying the lightest colors closest to the inner corner of your eye. 

With this, you may brighten your eyes while also deepening the hues as you move toward the outer ridges. When creating this look, it is also critical to blend the eyeshadow perfectly. Always swirl the eyeshadow brush around your eyelid in little circular strokes. This will provide a smooth and seamless finish to your smoky eye appearance.

Makeup Tips for Brown Color Contacts

When it comes to the color wheel, brown is the lone exception. Almost every hue complements brown, so you have a lot of options with this eye color. Purple and dark gold tones tend to draw attention to your eyes.

However, if you want to really draw attention to your eyes, use pale yellow or bright eye makeup to enhance light brown eyes, as it helps to enhance the gold undertones within them. If you pick medium brown lenses, go for bolder makeup colors. Green and blue are two hues to attempt since they hide the greenish undertone in brown eyes. Wear darker eye makeup styles if you are wearing deep brown contact lenses that are more black. Dark neutral makeup matches darker brown tones nicely. 

Makeup Tips for Green Color Contacts

Pink, red, and purple are the colors that contrast with green. Most individuals avoid red-eye makeup to prevent seeming weary or unwell. Pinks and purples, however, look terrific.

Consider putting a neutral shadow on your eyelids with a touch of purple close to your eyeliner for the office scene. At night, mix a deep purple or eggplant with charcoal to create a beautiful appearance. Similarly, blushes in pinkish, brown, or purple would look beautiful with green eyes.

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