Do colored contacts work on brown eyes?

One of the most fantastic benefits of colored contacts is that they allow you to finally have the eye color you've always desired. With over 50% of the world's population having brown eyes, you can be confident that the majority of colored contacts available are designed for brown eyes. However, remember that not all contact lens colors complement the natural color of your eyes. Just because a pair of contacts is blue doesn't mean it will give you Taylor Swift eyes. If your natural eye color is brown or black, the following guide should help you choose the right type and color of contact.

Do colored contacts work on brown eyes?

Why do dark eyes require special attention while selecting colored contacts?

Choosing the correct eye color is similar to selecting the perfect lipstick, accessory, or dress. To get the optimal color for you, consider two factors: your eye color and the opacity of your target contacts.

Choosing colored contacts for light-hued eyes is actually rather simple. This is due to the fact that bright irises do not mottle the lens pattern as dark irises do. Enhancement contacts, which provide a good but muted color boost, are a wonderful choice if you want a modest yet attractive look. Enhancement contacts are ideal for adding depth and definition to light-colored irises. The only challenge for light-eyed people is choosing a dark-brown tone. Because the majority of pigment in most dark brown eye contacts (or circle lenses) is concentrated on the lens's border, the central portion stays comparatively translucent or even transparent. As a result, in this case, circle lenses with a thicker limbal ring are required.

Selecting colored contacts for dark eyes is quite another story! This is due to the fact that the lens (which always has some degree of transparency) will be muddied by your dark iris.

Opaque or semi-opaque contacts are the ideal colored contacts for dark eyes, especially if you wish to completely change your eye color. This indicates that the lens has more colored pixels per unit surface area. In contrast to enhancement contacts, opaque/semi-opaque colored contacts contain more pigmentation, allowing dark eyes to be transformed into the lightest blues or greens.

Colored contacts for dark eyes may be as flexible as you want them to be, whether you desire a dramatic burst of purple or grey or a toned-down hazel.

The Best Colors of Brown Eye Contacts

If you don't want to go all out and change the color of your eyes, but just want to spice up your appearance a little, this might be the ideal option for you. Whichever color your eyes are, gray will look great on them. The even better news is that it complements all skin tones and hair hues.

Because of the popularity of this color, there are an expanding variety of styles available. Grey contacts are available in a variety of opacities (transparent, tinted, and opaque), tonalities (2, 3, and even 4 tones), and wear modalities (daily, biweekly, monthly, and yearly). The finest grey contacts for brown eyes, in our opinion, are those with medium to high opacity and three or more tones.

If you were born with brown eyes but have always desired a set of baby blues, you're in luck. Blue is one of the most popular color contacts for brown eyes. The final appearance is determined by how black your natural iris is and how opaque the contacts are:

If your eyes are dark brown or practically black, and you pick light blue lenses, you will seem to have dark blue-brown eyes.

If you have lighter brown eyes and use brilliant blue contacts, you will appear to have sea-blue eyes.

Baby blue contacts on light brown eyes will make you appear like Taylor Swift. This, of course, matches nicely with that "traditional red lip thing you adore."

Green is another popular hue for those with brown eyes, especially if you want to appear secretive and enticing. Green contacts seem particularly natural when used on brown eyes since most green designs incorporate specks of yellow or beige to provide a seamless transition, especially towards the center (the pupil).

Do colored contacts work on brown eyes

What if you wish to have eyes that aren't blue, green, or gray? Then you should choose opaque-colored contacts. Opaque lenses, as opposed to tinted contacts, are the finest colored contacts for dark eyes. This style of lens is often patterned with three or more tones, ensuring that your natural eye color is not seen. Opaque lenses almost completely hide your irises, leaving just the center (pupil hole) visible. You may make your eyes as bright as you want them to be with this sort of lens. Choose bright colors like pink, violet, or purple contacts.

Brown does not mean to be dull!

Remember that brown eyes may be stunning. The vast majority of people on the planet have black eyes! Why? Because they're stunning! Yet we understand - just as you may covet your wavy-haired friend's curls while she is continually envious of the time you save with a flat iron - sometimes we just want what we can't have.

And every now and again, we want a little extra. You can experiment with other colors such as beige, hazel, and honey contacts. These contact lenses will brighten your eyes without making them appear too made-up. Ideal for people who want to keep things low-key yet want to see a clear improvement.

You may even make changes while allowing your natural hues to show through. With a limbal ring, circle lenses can define the outside of your iris. You may make your eyes appear bigger for a doll-like impression, or you can produce a more clearly defined iris with a stunning sheen. Use a tri-color lens to provide a touch of texture and dimension, similar to how highlights and lowlights may be added to your haircut.

Make sure the color of your colored contacts matches your personality! This means you should consider not just your skin tone and hair color, but also the cosmetics and clothing you like to wear. A unique look necessitates an equally unusual pair of eyes! You may need to explore a little to get the right set of colored lenses. What matters most is that you have pleasure while doing it!

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