Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

Follow these instructions to insert your colored contacts:
1. Ensure your hands are clean. Use soap and water to wash and rinse your hands thoroughly and dry with a clean, lint-free towel before handling lenses. Soaps containing lotion, cream, scent, or artificial coloring should be avoided.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

2. Inspect the lens before putting it in your eye. Examine it to be sure that it is moist, clean, clear, and free of nicks or tears.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

3. Clean the lens. You may want to rinse your lenses in a multi-purpose solution before you put them on. Use fresh solutions to clean and store contact lenses. Rub and rinse your lens case with solution after each use. Never use water or saliva. Also, remember to dry your lens case with a clean tissue and store it upside down with the caps off after each use. Take a lens out of its case. Make it a habit to always start on the same side. This will assist you in avoiding lens confusion, since each eye may have its own prescription. Use your fingertips to handle the lens (as seen in the illustration on the right). Keep your nails away from it.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

4. Check that the lens is facing the right direction. It should have the shape of a bowl. If there is a lip on the lens, it is inside out and needs to be reversed. Place the lens on the index fingertip of your dominant hand (the hand you use to write).

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

5. Use your free hand to pull up your top eyelid. Pull down the lower eyelid using your dominant hand's middle or ring finger. Place the lens on the white part of your lower eyelid. Remove your finger and release your eyelids. Look down and then close your eyes for a moment. The lens will center itself.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

6. Close your eye and shift it from side to side if you feel air bubbles. You can also close your eyes and massage the lens softly.

7. Repeat the previous instructions to insert the second contact into your eye. Good vision and beautiful.

⚠⚠Top insertion tips:
Tip 1: To avoid lens confusion, start with the same eye each time.
Tip 2: To avoid bubbles, totally fill the lens with non-preserved sterile saline. Bubbles may be irritating and cause blurred eyesight.
Tip 3: To avoid leaking saline solution, place the contact lens in the inserter's center if you use the insert tool. When the lens is entirely in position and the inserted is out of the eye, close the eyelid.
Tip 4: Keep both eyes open to assist with lens insertion.
Tip 5: Avoid using oil-based cosmetics with your lenses as they may permanently harm the surface.
Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal
Follow these instructions to remove your soft contact lenses:
1. Ensure your hands are clean. Use soap and water to wash your hands and dry with a lint-free towel. Avoid using soaps that include Lotion, cream, perfume, or synthetic coloring.
Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

2. Pull down the lower eyelid using the dominant hand. New wearers often find it easier to secure the upper lid too. Look down and use your non-dominant hand to hold your upper eyelid.

3. Gently squeeze the lens. Look up, and pull down your lower eyelid with your dominant hand's middle finger. Slide the lens to the bottom region of your eye with your index finger. Pinch your thumb and index finger together to form a seal around the lens. Remove the lens from your eye gently.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

4. Throw away or clean your lenses. Discarding your daily lenses in separate plastic rubbish. Clean and disinfect your monthly or weekly colored contact lenses. Before removing your lenses, check sure you have fresh lens fluid in the lens case. Of course, your lens case must be clean before you begin.

5. Repeat the procedure to remove the lens from the other eye. 

⚠⚠Top Removal Tips:
Tip 1: Sitting down makes it easier to remove the lens.
Tip 2: Take out the lens from the bottom, not the middle.


Oops, my lens is stuck together...
After you have withdrawn your monthly or weekly lens from your eye, the lens surfaces may cling together. Do not attempt to separate them right away; instead, place the lens in the lens box with some liquid and wait a few minutes. You will then find that the lenses are easily unstickable.

The lens is not easy to take off?
If the lens is not loose enough or you are still having difficulty removing your lens, blink your eyes a few times. If you still don't succeed, try dripping some eye drops or lens fluid into your eyes before removing your lenses.

Can I use tap water to clean my lens case?
Never use tap water to clean a lens or lens case. Refer to your contact lens solution instruction guide for further information about how long to soak your contact lenses or how often you should change the solution if you don't wear them every day.

Colored Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

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